Proudly serving the residents of Boca Raton for many years, Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping provides expert services for residential homes and proudly serving clients with pride, integrity, and attention to the services that matter most to them.

Working in South Florida gives us a special understanding of optimum temperature, unique climate, soil texture, and the relation between these things and trees. Our employees are local tree specialists, which means they can perform every service you need effectively and professionally wherever you’re located in Boca Raton. We are licensed and insured for your protection. We treat our customers like a family and providing them with quality tree services is our top priority.

Our Services

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Tree Removal

There comes a time when you have to remove some trees from the lawn of your Boca Raton home or business. Many tree removals are complex and need special planning and effort, but fret not! Our professional employees can work with you to safely and efficiently remove your trees without causing any damage to the nearby saplings and other plants. We are fully insured and have several years of experience in tree removal services.

Tree Risk Assessment

We offer complete tree risk management consultation and solutions. We can help you by providing some curative and preventative maintenance measures to limit immediate danger before they become more costly problems in the future.  and minimize risk over the long term. Moreover, we also assist you in spotting some potential issues to minimize risk in the long run.

Boca Raton Tree ServicesCommercial Services

In addition to our residential services, we also offer the same services for our commercial customers. Commercial properties greatly benefit from tailored services including safety, maintenance, utility and municipal tree services, and severe weather tree service. Especially considering that when a hurricane comes through, it doesn’t pick and choose where to spread debris

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

We provide essential nutrients to the root zones of trees, herbs, and shrubs. Our arborists provide the fertilizers to your tree depending upon the specific needs of Boca Raton residential or commercial property, and after considering all the factors including climate, soil conditions, age and species of the tree. If you need more information on how to reach us and use our tree trimming and landscaping services, please give us a call at (754) 235-1926.