Need Landscaping in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea?

Neighborhoods all over South Florida, including Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, have various species of trees that need special care to maintain the longevity of their life through pruning, irrigation, and debris removal. Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping aim to improve the safety and appearance of your trees and property for years. Please see below all of our Lauderdale-By-the-Sea tree services & landscaping.

Our Services

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Tree ServicesPruning – The primary purpose of pruning is to improve and maintain the overall health, appearance, and safety of the trees. Some of the techniques that go into pruning include selective pruning, shaping, and trimming resulting in maintaining proper structure, improving tree shape, and reducing the chance of damage or interference with power lines.

Debris Removal – Clearing out residential and commercial properties of debris like overgrown trees, shrubs, etc. is essential in keeping the streets clear and cars from damage. After a massive thunderstorm or hurricane passes through, the likelihood of having debris all over the property is higher and could interfere with transportation and possibly damage homes and vehicles in your neighborhood.

Irrigation – A great alternative to garden hoses and watering is an effective irrigation system. Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping can design and install a system that is custom-suited to your garden and yard to help homeowners save time, money, and water usage.

Rock Gardens – Yards that could use a fresh, updated look could benefit from the landscaping design of rock gardens. We have many rocks and stones that come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to add a creative oomph to your garden.

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

We are continually pushing the boundaries in tree service and landscaping because we have acquired immense experience over our 15 years in the tree business. We’re family-owned and operated, licensed, and specialize in planting, care, and maintenance of trees for residential and commercial properties. In Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, we exceed the expectations of our customers and provide outstanding, quality work with industry-approved techniques.