Tree Trimming and Removal Services In Lake Worth, FL

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping proudly serves the Lake Worth Beach community. We love landscape design so much that we’ve been here for over 15 years.

If you’re looking for the most reliable landscape service in South Florida, look no further. We’d like to tell you about what Marshall’s does for residences, and how our certified arborists can make your home beautiful.

arborist cutting down a tree and providing lake worth beach tree services

Lake Worth Beach Tree Services

Your trees can be an integral part of your landscape design. Trees, just like any plant, require maintenance and care. Here are some of Marshall’s tree services:

Tree Installation

Our licensed and insured team can assess your lawn for the ideal place to plant trees. We’ll also work with you to decide on optimal tree types that will grow best in your space. We’ll advise you on the pros and cons of tree care, and what you can do to maintain the health of the tree in question.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

If your Lake Worth Beach home already has trees, you need to keep it in shape. Our team can handle the cutting and trimming of excess tree branches and limbs. This will not only help the tree’s appearance but guide it to grow neatly and properly.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Sometimes trees require removal from your lawn. If it becomes oversized, it can pose safety hazards and risk harm to your home, structures, and power lines. A tree that is dead will begin to rot, posing additional harm long-term.

Whether you need a tree removed for safety or for personal taste, Marshall’s will handle it. We employ experts who know the correct procedure for safely cutting down trees of any size.

Once the tree is removed, we’ll take care of grinding down the unsightly stump. A dead tree stump can attract termites and ants will cause problems with your lawn or home. Additionally, a stump may also not be entirely dead. The roots are still in the ground, posing a possibility of regrowth. Stump grinding negates this possibility.

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping – Lake Worth Beach

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping is proud to service Lake Worth Beach and Palm Beach County. In addition to the services above, we also handle debris removal, storm preparation, and landscape design for your lawn. Our job is to make your home look perfect!

Trim up those trees and improve your landscape design today. Call Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping at (754)-235-1926 to get your obligation free estimate