Landscaping Services in Coral Springs

Landscaping is about designing, executing, and maintaining the garden or lawn that surrounds your property. This also includes taking care of the architecture and exterior of your house. You will need a landscaper who understands your property and can creatively manipulate your landscape.

If you are looking to redo your landscape in Coral Springs, you don’t have to look further. At Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping, we provide the best landscaping services in Coral Springs, Florida. We will talk to you about what you want to be done with your landscape and plan accordingly to make sure you find the right fit.

Landscaping is a creative process that can involve anything from a small change in the sprinkler to redoing your home’s complete architecture. It’s all about what you require and what will look best for your property. We will patiently listen to all your needs and bring the best in your house.

landscaping services in Coral Springs, FL

What can Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping do for your home?

Lawn Maintenance

Nothing makes your home look better than lush, green, and well-maintained grass in your yard. If you want green, well-maintained grass, you will need regular maintenance like trimming and mulching. A well-maintained garden adds more appeal to your place. We are specialists in lawn maintenance in Coral Springs; call us if you need our services. 


An essential part of lawn maintenance is regular watering your grass. Frequent watering can be easily maintained through an irrigation system, which will result in a blooming yard without flooding the whole yard by hand pipers. If you need a new system or repair your old system, Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping have got you covered. 

We also provide other landscape services in Coral Springs like Deep Root Feeding, Fertilization, Soil Aeration, Rock Gardens, and Sod Installation & Replacement. We bring along the cheapest landscape services in Coral Spring, Florida, and 15 years of experience maintaining residential and commercial Tree Service And Landscaping.

Expert Landscaping Services in Coral Springs – Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

You have come to the right place to improve your landscape. At Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping, we ensure that your money is well spent, and you get the best part of the deal. It’s your house, and we respect your requirements. We also understand that each place and the people living in it are unique. Thus we don’t have a single plan of action; instead, we consider what you want and design a plan accordingly. 

You can reach out to us for your property’s landscape. You can contact us at (754) 235-1926 or email us at