When properly maintained and cared for, trees are a wonderful investment with the many benefits they add to a property. All of our tree services are performed using industry-approved methods to ensure the safety, health, and preservation of trees. 

tree service in Davie, FLPRUNING

Pruning techniques include Selective Pruning, Corrective Pruning, Shaping, and Trimming. These types of pruning methods are used to maintain or improve the health, appearance, and safety of trees. Other purposes include maintaining proper structure in young trees, improving tree shape or form, and reducing the likelihood of future damage during storms or interference with power lines.


There are two types of tree removal, which are Hazardous Tree Removal and Non- Hazardous Tree Removal. Removal is recommended for trees that are: dead or dying, crowding other trees, causing an obstruction, being replaced, or located in the path of new construction. A tree is considered hazardous based on its probability of striking a target (such as a building or power line), in which case, removal is highly recommended.

tree service in Davie, FLSTUMP GRINDING

Tree stumps on your property are unsightly obstacles that can attract ants and termites. Many times tree stumps are left from a tree that was previously removed, allowing the possibility of regrowth. Tree stump grinding can be an effective solution that will avoid the disruption of surrounding landscaping.


Many factors should be considered when selecting and planting a tree on residential or commercial properties. Careful planning of tree type, location and proximity will help avoid safety and maintenance problems later on.


Clearing residential or commercial properties of overgrown trees, shrubs, other vegetation, and debris. We offer emergency services such as hurricane preparation and storm clean-up.


Don’t be caught with your tree down when hurricane season comes around. Call us today for preventative measures that can be taken to your trees to help ensure you make it through the hurricane safely!