Tree Removal and Landscaping Services In Boynton, FL

Nothing communicates quality and value like well-maintained landscaping around your home. Whether it comes to cleaning, creating flower beds, or coming up with creative designs, landscaping is an art form that takes years of experience to master. Fortunately for you, Marshall’s Tree Service & Landscaping has the expertise to make your Boynton Beach home stand out from the rest.

Marshall’s specializes in a large variety of landscaping services such as:

  • Landscape Design
  • Fertilization
  • Installing Flower Beds
  • Whitefly Control
  • Pressure Cleaning

Landscape Designbest flower landscaping in boynton beach fl

Coming up with an artistic design is where the real joy of landscaping happens. Your unique tastes can create and define a unique look for your home that sets you apart from your neighbors. Whether you have a particular fondness for a flower type or want to create natural borders with shrubbery, our experts can assist with designing a layout that’s right for you and your home.


Landscaping is an art form that never ends. Your flowers, plants, and grass are living organisms that require sustenance to continue looking healthy and appealing. We will handle fertilizing your landscape in a scheduled and appropriate manner so that you don’t have to worry about withering flowers or a dried-out lawn.

Installing Flower Beds

The flowers are like the ornaments of your landscape that add color and visual appeal. Whether you have specific tastes in mind or trust the professionals like us to handle it, we can install vibrant flower beds. We supply an extensive range of different plant life and flowers, including those from exotic environments.

Whitefly Control

Whiteflies are tiny, white, winged bugs that typically feed on the underside of leaves as well as vegetable plants. They can prove to be a real nuisance when it comes to keeping your landscaping looking robust. Marshall’s Tree Service & Landscaping has experience in eliminating whiteflies and keeping them away with the use of non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly pest control products.

Pressure Cleaning

Trees can provide an excellent look to your landscape when they’re trimmed and healthy. However, they can naturally start to accumulate chipped bark, sap, fungus, and other debris. We utilize pressure cleaning tools to quickly strip away all of the excess, leaving your trees looking sleek and healthy.

The Marshall’s Benefit

Marshall’s Tree Service & Landscaping has over 15 years of experience in dealing with all manner of landscaping and tree maintenance services. We proudly boast numerous 5-star Google reviews and promise to deliver that same satisfaction to you and your home. In addition to those listed, our licensed experts can provide a plethora of landscaping, tree removal, and tree-trimming services as well as 24/7 emergency services for your home landscaping. Contact us today to receive a free quote for the services you need.