Landscaping Solutions to Revitalize Your Royal Palm Home

Do you require aid in revitalizing your Royal Palm home? Is your lawn looking withered? Are you looking for something to accent your flower beds, but unsure of how to make it look good? It sounds like you need the help of a top-notch landscaping service. The good news is, Marshall’s Tree Service & Landscaping offers its services to Royal Palm homes. Check out some of the things we offer:

Our First-Rate Landscaping Solutions

Sod Installation & Replacement

We specialize in dealing with those lawns that lost their lushness. Our team knows how to handpick the most vibrant sod that will aid in promoting a consistent, healthy, and visually attractive lawn. Green grass starts with robust soil, and we know how to make it happen.

Soil Aeration

The Aeration process allows us to create perforations within the soil. This allows air, water, and other essential nutrients to reach the grass roots more effectively. Aeration will allow our newly installed sod to stay healthy-looking and avoid that dried-out sun-burnt look.

Rock GardensGarden Landscaping Service in Royal Palm, FL

If your garden is looking a bit flat and could use a bit of spice and accessorizing, consider adding a rock garden to help accent your landscape. We have a variety of stone types in different sizes and shapes to assist you in creating an attractive Zen place to go.

Our Tree Maintenance Services


We specialize in Selective Pruning, Corrective Pruning, Shaping, and Trimming Services. Various tree types and shrubbery require different manners of attention to assist in maintaining or improving the health and appearance of your trees and plant life. Our pruning techniques will ensure that your trees and shrubs grow in an ideal way that is conducive

Lot Clearing / Debris Removal

If you’ve gone a while without landscaping services or are looking to clean up a newly acquired property, Marshall’s can assist with the clean-up and removal of overgrown tree limbs, shrubbery, weeds, or other vegetation and related debris.

Additionally, we also offer 24/7 emergency disaster clean-up or tree removal for storm occurrences or other untimely incidents. We can be there to help protect your home from tree-related damages and get your property looking good as quickly as possible.

Ready to Revitalize Your Royal Palm Landscaping?

Marshall’s Tree Service & Landscaping proudly services Royal Palm and the entire South Florida area. Our clients express their satisfaction regularly, giving us a 5-star ratings on Google for your reviewal. Call us today at (754)-235-1926 to discuss how we can restore your lawn and get a free estimate today.