Why Should you Prune Trees?

Many people aren’t investing in tree pruning services because of misperceptions as to why they need them. But we know that there are three great reasons why you should prune your trees in South Florida.

tree pruning serviceFor Safety – First off, it’s a safety precaution. Multiple houses are at risk of structural damage because they don’t prune their trees and the heavy winds of South Florida can blow debris in any direction especially at your house or worse, at neighbors.

For Appearances – Next, pruning is a great way to beautify your home. If you are even remotely invested in landscaping or maintaining a garden, then pruning your trees is a great way to expand and beautify upward!

For Tree Health – Finally, it’s healthy for the trees and bush. Trees will constantly grow, but they are trained to grow narrower the longer they go unabated. It’s one of the reasons that if you ever want a bamboo wall, you should cut them in half roughly every six months.

When You Should Prune Your Trees

Just like how there are three reasons to prune your trees, there are three times when it is optimal to prune your trees.

a man pruning a tree Dead or Dying? ASAP – If you have loose or leaning branches that aren’t just getting hammered by the heat, you need to cut them down. Unhealthy limbs and branches are a sign of an unhealthy tree which means the whole thing could go down if you’re not careful.

Want Strong Growth Spurts? Spring – If you want to invest in making a tree taller or stronger than spring is a great time to prune your trees because they will use that spring growth spurt to its full advantage.

Want to Stay Safe for Summer? Summer – If you are afraid of the recent, crazy weather we’ve been having, then you should cut them in May, June, or early July. This will mean there is far less debris to be thrown around than ever before.

For landscaping and tree service in Davie, FL, contact Marshall’s Landscaping. We have a team of professionals to offer the best tree care solutions.

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