Tree and Landscaping Services in Mangonia Park

The right landscaping makes any home look better, while the wrong lawn can make a mansion look like a haunted house. If you care about how your house looks, you’re going to want help with your landscaping. At Marshall’s Tree Services & Landscaping, we’ll use our years of experience to give you the lawn of your dreams.

Our Landscaping ServicesMangonia Park FL Landscaping & Tree Services

Whether you’ve just moved into a home or you’ve been living there for years, our landscaping services will make you proud of your home.

The first step to a perfect lawn is speaking with our landscape designers, who will talk with you and look at your yard to determine the ideal look. Along with beautification, our designers may recommend irrigation.

If you’re already happy with the design of your lawn, we offer a variety of lawn maintenance services. Depending on your needs, this can include fertilization, deep root feeding, whitefly control, pressure cleaning, and more. If we feel your yard would benefit, we also offer sod replacement.

Worried about your rock garden or flower bed? Don’t be – we handle those too.

Our Tree Services

All of our services are designed to help make your lawn look better, but we have a specific section of our services devoted to trees because they’re a significant – and occasionally tricky – part of a yard.

A lot of our Mangonia Park tree services are designed for beautification. To take two examples, a litany of tree stumps or an overgrown tree makes it clear that an owner doesn’t care for their property. To avoid that, you can hire us.

However, our tree services also cover essential services. Sometimes, trees fall over; other times, they simply need to be removed. Though this may seem like a simple task that you can do yourself, without the proper knowledge and training, tree removal is dangerous. You don’t want the tree to fall onto anything or anyone. As well, you don’t want to accidentally hit a power line while trying to fell the tree.

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