Your One Stop Tree Care Solution in Greenacres, FL

Trees often have colorful leaves and flowers that can beautifully accent your home in Greenacres, Florida. Unfortunately, trees can also become a nuisance or even a risk for property damage when left unclean and without maintenance. It’s essential to have someone who knows how to manage, trim, and clean all manner of tree types. The experts at Marshall’s Landscaping and Tree Services understand that every tree comes with unique characteristics that require specific types of maintenance to keep it looking healthy.

What Tree Services Does Marshall’s Offer for my Greenacres, FL Home?

Marshall’s Tree Service & Landscaping specializes in every type of tree service that keeps your home beautiful and safe. Some of these services include:

Tree Installation

As part of the landscaping process, Marshall’s can help determine the ideal tree types that can thrive on your home lawn. We will also carefully assess the optimal location for planting as well as evaluate any proximity risks such as home concrete or other property. Understanding tree type and behavior helps to mitigate maintenance problems and safety risks as the tree grows in size.

Tree Removal

A tree that is currently on your property may not be your visual ideal. It might also become a possible obstruction or safety hazard due to decay and age. In these scenarios, Marshall’s also can employ their skills in professional tree removal. We will carefully cut away branches and safely cut down the tree in a way that prevents damage to property and your lawn. Additionally, we also specialize in stump grinding to prevent regrowth as well as the attraction of pests such as ants or termites.

PruningTree Care Solution in Greenacres, FL

Once the ideal tree(s) are installed, Marshall’s is happy to provide regular pruning, shaping, and trimming services to keep your trees healthy and safe. This will maintain the visual appearance and proper growth structure to avoid risks of damage during storms and avoid contact with the property or power lines.

Hurricane Preparation

While on the subject of potential storm damage, Marshall’s also knows the most effective techniques to help keep your home and trees safe when severe storms or hurricanes approach. One of the potential downsides to landscaping maintenance in Florida is the inevitable hurricane seasons, but it doesn’t have to be when you call Marshall’s.

Get the Best Tree Experts in Greenacres, FL

Marshall’s maintains a proven record of serving Florida residents for all of their tree and landscaping needs for over 15 years. We encourage you to check out our 5-star Google reviews and contact us to get your free quote by phone or email today.