Landscaping Solutions for Lantana, FL

Having a home in Lantana, FL comes with a lot of great perks, including its proximity to beaches, fishing piers, casinos, and seafood cuisine. Part of living in a beautiful town is making sure you have a beautiful home. Marshall’s Tree & Landscaping happily serves homes and businesses in Lantana and the entire South Florida area. Let us make your home a beautiful part of the city by offering landscaping designs that fit you and your desires.

Marshall’s has a team of certified experts who use industry-approved landscaping techniques to get your property looking healthy and attractive. Take a look at some of the various landscaping and tree services we provide to the residents of Lantana:



We like to save time and money, and that applies to your home garden as well. Instead of investing in garden hoses, nozzles, a maintenance schedule, allow us to install an irrigation system that will regularly provide the necessary amount of water needed to keep your garden green and growing. Irrigation systems can be tailored to suit your unique needs.

Deep Root Feedingflower landscaping in lantana fl

Deep Root Feeding is a specialized process that involves placing a pipe deep into your soil so that it can squirt fertilizer directly around plant and tree roots. Areas with compacted soil may make it difficult for the roots to obtain nutrients naturally. If trees demonstrate signs of stress or root damage on the branches or leaves, deep root feeding can potentially help revitalize the root system.

Soil Aeration

Marshall’s can help aerate your soil by creating perforations to allow for air, water, and nutrients to better penetrate the grass roots. This will let your grass to look healthy, greener, and grow naturally.

Sod Replacement

If parts of your lawn or garden are struggling to see healthy growth, it may be due to unhealthy soil. We can provide new, vibrant sod to replace the dirt in these areas and encourage robust and uniform growth throughout your lawn or garden.

Tree Services

Stump Grinding

If you have a tree stump on your property, not only can it prove unsightly, it’s a possible hotbed for ants and termites that can lead to other problems. We utilize stump grinders that use a rotating disc to chip away the wood. With the stump ground away, the roots are unable to obtain the nutrients necessary to regrow and die off. Additionally, the resulting chip can be used as mulch for other plants in the landscape.


We employ industry-approved pruning techniques to aid in the clean-up and maintenance of tree limbs to avoid growing into power lines or developing unsightly appearance. This allows us to improve the tree shape and maintain proper structure in younger trees.

The Best Landscaping in Lantana

Marshall’s Tree Service & Landscaping is a proud member of the South Florida community and happily serves all Lantana residences and commercial properties. Our variety of landscaping and tree services earned us top ratings on Google, and we are happy to boast about it. That’s because we know we are the go-to landscaping business for you. Call us today at (754)-235-1926 for a free quote regarding your landscaping needs today.