Wilton Manors Landscaping

Do you need Landscaping in Wilton Manors?

Show off your unique style in Wilton Manors Landscaping and creativity with a professionally designed landscape. Our experienced landscape design team will bring your ideas to life as we create a custom landscape to match your personal taste and specifications.

Our Tree Mitigation Services


Tree stumps on your property are unsightly obstacles that can attract ants and termites. Many times tree stumps are left from a tree that was previously removed, allowing the possibility of regrowth. Tree stump grinding can be an effective solution that will avoid the disruption of surrounding landscaping.


Many factors should be considered when selecting and planting a tree on residential or commercial properties. Careful planning of tree type, location and proximity will help avoid safety and maintenance problems later on.


Daring residential or commercial properties of overgrown trees, shrubs, other vegetation, and debris. We offer emergency services such as hurricane preparation and storm clean-up.

Our Landscaping Services


Flower beds are like “the icing on the cake” of a beautifully designed landscape. We supply and install a full spectrum of ornamental plants and flowers, including exotics.


Accessorize your landscape design with rock gardens! Select from rocks and stones of many different sizes, shapes, and colors to add a creative contrast to your garden.


The Whitefly is a common threat to the health and appearance of ornamental plants and gardens. We keep harmful Whiteflies out of your gardens with the routine spraying of a non-toxic, eco-friendly product.

Marshall's Tree Service and Landscaping

Marshall’s has been working in South Florida as top tree service and landscaping specialists for several years. We are a local business and help out our communities as much as possible. If you would like to learn more about our services, our companies, or our rates, please give us a call today at (754) 235-1926

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