Golden Beach Tree Services and Landscaping

Looking for tree services and landscaping services in Golden Beach, Florida?

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping has been providing landscape design and installation for homes and companies in Golden Beach for over 15 years.

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tree services in golden beach

Tree Trimming in Golden Beach

To make your trees grow in a safe and healthy way, you need to regularly trim and prune them. We provide your trees with corrective pruning, shaping, and trimming to help them maintain an ideal shape and structure. This serves to reduce the likelihood that tree growth will affect the safety of your home or nearby power lines. It also gives us an opportunity to remove dead or dying branches.

Tree Removal or Stump Grinding

There are two different types of tree removal which affect your lawns in different ways. Our team recommends at least stump grinding following the removal of a tree. This removes the possibility of dead or rotting wood which can attract ants or termites to your home. It also prevents an ugly stump from being a safety hazard or an eyesore within your landscape.

However, a stump grinding will leave the tree’s roots underneath the ground. If you plan on planting or growing a new tree at any point, you need to perform a full removal, which involves digging up the lawn and routing out all of the roots. This will require additional work, potential sod replacement, and time for your lawn to regrow to its normal, healthy appearance.

Tree Installations

If you’re looking to add trees to your Golden Beach landscape, Marshall’s can help. We’ll help you navigate how to plan where to plant trees and what type will thrive in your area. By having the experts involved from the onset, you can avoid safety and maintenance issues as it grows and develops.

Hurricane Season Preparation

Hurricane season isn’t something you should take lightly when living in Golden Beach, FL. We can help protect your home or business by taking preventative measures to ensure your trees won’t harm your property.

Landscaping Installation and Landscaping Maintenance

Our licensed and insured team is experienced with providing homes and businesses with professional and attractive landscape designs. We work with you to help create a customized look that suits your personal tastes and image.

We’ll also assist with flower bed installation, irrigation implementation, fertilization, sod replacement, and much more. We have the tools and expertise necessary for you to get the most out of your newly created landscape design.

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping – Golden Beach, FL

For anything necessary to beautify your Golden Beach landscape, call Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping. We’re a family owned and operated business that’s served Miami-Dade and South Florida for over 15 years.

All of our services are tailored to suit your personal tastes and your home or business’s needs. If you’re interested in having the best-looking property in your community, give us a call today.

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