Tree And Landscaping Services In Miramar

Do you need Landscaping in Miramar?

Tree Services in miramarMarshall’s has been servicing South Florida for many years. In our time here, we have helped countless people and businesses with their tree services and their landscaping services. We offer our services to everyone in South Florida, and we specialize in our Miramar tree services & landscaping.

Landscaping Services


Flower beds are like “the icing on the cake” of a beautifully designed landscape. We supply and install a full spectrum of ornamental plants and flowers, including exotics.


Accessorize your landscape design with rock gardens! Select from rocks and stones of many different sizes, shapes, and colors to add a creative contrast to your garden.


A healthy green lawn adds beauty and lushness to South Florida yards. We always handpick the best, most vibrant sod and our professional installation promote a uniform, consistent appearance, and longevity.

Tree Services


Pruning is a great way to bring back vitality and stimulate growth within your tree naturally. Instead of letting those branches die off, let us shape them, so they regrow into a beautiful form.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps on your property are unsightly obstacles that can attract ants and termites. Many times tree stumps are left from a tree that was previously removed, allowing the possibility of regrowth. Tree stump grinding can be an effective solution that will avoid the disruption of surrounding landscaping.


prune your treesWith Hurricane season ever looming, it’s always a good idea to consider tree removal. What can be an outside eyesore can be the next uninvited guest. Call us for consultations.