Tree Service and Landscaping Service in Coral Gables

Are you tired of maintaining your lawn and looking for some expert and professional landscaping services? We are here to help! We offer full service, landscaping, and lawn care services in Coral Gables and its surroundings. Our professionals have many years of experience in the garden with plenty of grass, herbs and tree types.

Services We Offer

Tree Removal Services

We offer emergency tree removal services making sure that you won’t have to wait too long to clear all the debris following a strong hailstorm or heavy rain. When this happens, we are here to offer you experienced help in removing the weakened trees and clear out the debris.

Coral Gables LandscapingResidential Landscaping

We take all the responsibility to manage your property and give it a new appealing and aesthetic look. We care deeply about how your properties look alike and strive to provide services to make your property a “premier property.”

We know that every property is different and requires a different set of services depending on your location and your taste of interest. This is why we develop customized programs to fit each property’s specific requirements, aesthetic goals and above all your budget.

Commercial Landscaping

We have a proven success record in the landscaping industry, and we have won the trust of both the residential and commercial community by providing them with quality and high standard landscaping services. Our team is committed to making your commercial property a massive success by managing all your mowing and landscaping services. With our dedication and excellence, we know how to make a difference in your commercial property with great results.

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

Whether you want a straggled lawn or beautifully maintained and aesthetically looking flower beds, we offer a vast combination of turfs, plants, and trees to bring life and essence to your lawn at competitive rates. We take proud in the fact that we provide the highest degree of care and quality to your Coral Gables lawn from start to end. Our goal is to provide quality services making sure the complete satisfaction of every client we work with, including the residents of Coral Gables.