Unfortunately, we have an extremely long hurricane season each year in South Florida. Natural disasters can severely affect the placement and integrity of trees throughout your front and backyard. From palm fronds to mango trees, trees are a great adornment to any property but can also be destructive if not cared for.

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping provide a variety of services including tree removal in South Florida. Additionally, trees that are dead or dying, obstructing the property, crowding other trees, or blocking any construction are a reason for removal. We utilize our years of experience and outstanding customer service to offer the best tree services in South Florida.

Tree Removal


Emergency hurricane tree servicesOne of the many services we provide at Marshall’s Landscaping is tree abstraction. This service is crucial even in non-hazardous situations. With Mango trees, when they begin to tower over your homes, you’re bound to encounter what sounds like a mini earthquake on top of your house.

With each mango falling onto the roof and rolling into your yard, you may be facing damage to your roof. Therefore, dead or dying trees are another reason to call us for this service. Trying to revive your trees may prove to be more difficult, expensive and time-consuming in the long run rather than tackling the issue directly.


After a massive tropical storm or hurricane comes barreling through, you are bound to have a few trees fallen over or bent/broken. If you have a vital power line running near your home and the surrounding trees may compromise it, it has now become hazardous to have the trees in that area.

emergency tree servicesMarshall’s Landscaping and Tree Service are prepared to remove the trees in a timely and professional manner. Cutting down each branch accordingly using their expertise along with the proper tools is a vital component to look for when considering a company for tree removals.

We offer fantastic services at competitive rates to ensure that you’re receiving the best care every time. Aside from hitting power lines, trees could topple over into your home. When strong winds pick up, and torrential downpour sets in, trees can become uprooted and torn from where they stand.