Tree and Landscaping Services in Doral FL

Your trees and landscapes are your important assets, and they require proper care and regular maintenance now and then. There are lots of reasons to keep your trees trimmed and maintain your lawn as it adds more beauty and value to your property. For many years, we have continued to provide the best in the quality tree and landscaping services at affordable rates.

Services We Offer

Doral FL Tree Services and Landscaping We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning & Trimming
  • Tree Planting
  • Stump Removal & Grinding
  • Storm and Disaster Response

Tree Removal Services

Our arborists and tree care experts in Doral are highly skilled and fully trained to remove a tree safely in any situation. We discuss with you the most reliable method for transferring your tree from your residential or commercial property and then provide you with free written costs involved. If you need to remove the tree from your property, call us today. Our experienced landscaping staff is always ready to help.

Tree Trimming

Our arborists know different varieties of trees, and they have in-depth knowledge about how to keep them healthy and beautiful. Our Doral residents deserve to have only the best when they give us a call. Regular pruning and trimming are pretty crucial for the health, beauty, and life of your trees and plants.

Stump Grinding

Our experienced and skilled team can grind a stump down and remove the mess and debris from your property, just at the time of tree removal or maybe after some days; whenever you want. We have a variety of latest equipment that can help us dispose of the most challenging stumps quickly and easily.

Tree Fertilization

Mature trees are valuable assets as they increase the value and beauty of your property. They provide shade, food, stability against erosion, and add beauty to your outdoor. It is highly essential to protect these priceless assets because once you lose a mature tree due to mismanagement or natural disaster, it cannot be replaced.

In this regard, we offer customized and professional fertilization programs to keep your trees in healthy condition. Fertilization provides the necessary minerals and nutrients that are missing from the soil. The benefits of fertilization are numerous including:

  • Keep your trees healthy and beautiful.
  • Prolong the life of your trees.
  • Restore the health of some sick and old trees.
  • Remove pathogens that can cause disease.

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

Our certified arborists and workers are dedicated to providing you with the quality services and take care of the health and safety of your trees. We work with our customers to develop a unique, appealing and beautiful outdoor space that meet their requirements. All our landscaping services are compliant with city ordinances. If you need any more information or have questions about tree trimming and landscaping services, please give us a call today.