Trees enhance the functionality and beauty of your landscape. However, at times a few of them need to be removed due to various reasons such as death or diseases. The stubborn stump is often left behind even after removing the tree. This leftover stump can cause multiple problems in your yard later. Therefore, you need to remove it at the earliest.

Here is your complete guide to tree stump removal:

Reasons you need stump removal

When thinking about stump removal, the first question that comes to your mind is: what’s the harm in letting the stump remain there? You may not notice any issues in the first few weeks; however, slowly, you will find out underlying problems caused by the leftover tree stump. Some of them are:

  • They spoil the aesthetics of your landscape.
  • They act as a home for termites, pests, and rodents.
  • They can cause people to trip over them and fall, causing injuries.
  • They make it difficult for you to plant new trees in the same area.
  • They could damage the mower if they run over them during lawn mowing.

Various methods of tree stump removal

There are several methods you can try to remove the stump. However, it is always best to call professionals like Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping LLC to do the job thoroughly. Some of the ways for tree removal are:

Using chemicals

Chemical removal is all about accelerating the rotting process of a stump by adding chemicals like potassium nitrate to it. It rots the stump within 4-5 weeks, while the natural rotting process may take years.  

To add chemicals to the stump, you need to drill some holes and pour the mixture of potassium nitrate and water into the holes. Soak the ground with the leftover mix to decay the underlying roots. Once the stump is decayed, you can easily remove it with an ax then cover the area with soil.

Manual removal

You can also remove the tree stump manually if you have the right tools for it. You will need a digging bar, an ax, a bow saw, a mattock, safety gear, and some strong muscles to get the job done. However, it is quicker than using chemicals, and with about 12-13 hours of hard labor, the stump will become an old story.

Burning the stump

Another quick DIY trick to remove the tump is to burn it. You can burn it after it gets rotten or before as well. Just ensure that you don’t let anything in the line of fire get damaged. You can pour some kerosene oil on the stump and light the fire. The wood will burn quickly enough if it is dry. 

Use a stump grinder

You can rent or buy a stump grinder to grind away the stump quickly. However, you need to be careful when using the machine so as not to injure yourself. Try to chop away as much stump as you can before using the grinder for best results. 

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