Trees significantly enhance the aesthetics of any landscape. Whether planted in a commercial space or residential property, they need proper care and maintenance to thrive. Tree trimming is an essential factor to maintain their health and beauty.

Here, we give you a low-down on everything you need to know about tree trimming, including its types, benefits, and when to call an expert for help.

What is tree trimming?

It is the process of removing bush overgrowth, diseased parts, and dead branches. It helps reshape, rejuvenate the tree, and maintain its optimal health. Moreover, it facilitates the tree to grow as desired, elevating the aesthetic appeal of an area.

There are mainly four types of tree trimming:

  • Fine pruning: It involves removing small branches or limbs to enhance the tree’s appearance.
  • Standard pruning: It helps improve tree structure by removing heavier branches.
  • Hazard trimming: It’s done for trees that have become a threat to life or property. It involves removing branches thicker than 2 inches.
  • Crown reduction trimming: It improves the tree’s condition after significant damage because of a storm or interference with power lines.

When to call for tree trimming experts?

It’s crucial to know when your trees need expert help. Look out for the following signs:

  • The branches are growing too close to a building.
  • The branches are near power lines and are likely to cause damage.
  • The presence of the dead, dying, or broken branches that need removing.
  • It has been over three years since the tree was last trimmed.
  • The tree is negatively affecting the aesthetic appeal of a nearby building.

Benefits of tree trimming

Though there are several advantages of trimming trees regularly, here we list the four most prominent ones.  

  • Improves tree health: Proper and timely tree trimming helps maintain the tree’s health by removing decaying and diseased branches. It also helps in stopping the spread of diseases.
  • Improves overall appearance: Trimming a tree enhances its appearance by removing protruding branches and opening up space for it to grow. Well-trimmed trees can add significantly to the look and feel of any place. It also clears visual obstructions blocking the outside view from your office or home.
  • Increased exposure to the sun: Removing unwanted branches improves tree health by letting in more sunlight and air. It also gives the underlying plants or shrubs more access to sunlight, facilitating their growth. 
  • Improves crop quantity: Proper and timely trimming enhances the yield of fruit-bearing trees. 

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