While trees are essential for the environment, they also dramatically enhance the beauty of an area. As living entities, they require proper care and nutrients to thrive. Deep root fertilization is a unique botanical technique that substantially improves the tree’s access to essential nutrients by mimicking natural soil conditions. It is a great way to nurture your trees with all nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Here we present information about deep root fertilization and how your trees can significantly benefit from its use. 

What is deep root fertilization?

During deep root fertilization, you bury a root zone injector pipe about 8-12″ into the soil and apply fertilizer to the ground. This technique is an efficient fertilization method that allows nutrients to directly reach the roots to stimulate healthy growth. 

Deep root feeding works better with deep-rooted trees than with small shrubs and grass.

What are the benefits of deep root fertilization?

  • Improves soil composition by replenishing essential nutrients
  • Increases flow of nutrients to deep-rooted trees that cannot easily extract nutrients from the topsoil
  • Promotes the healthy growth of leaves and branches
  • Nourishes the trees during harsh weather and in rough terrain
  • Help the tree develop resistance to diseases and fungal infections
  • Help produce higher yields during harvest season
  • Saves tree maintenance costs

When is deep root fertilization needed?

  • Your landscape has compact soil: Compressed soil doesn’t allow water and oxygen to penetrate and reach the root system easily. Deep root fertilization provides an alternative way to carry nutrients to the root. 
  • Branches and trees have no growth: Trees require a regular supply of minerals and other essential nutrients to grow. If you see signs of stunted growth, deep root fertilization can offer an effective solution. 

What is the best time for deep root fertilization?

Autumn is an ideal time for deep root fertilization as it allows you to prepare your landscape for the upcoming summer and winter seasons. It creates a reserve of nutrients to help your trees survive harsher weather conditions. Implementing deep root fertilization is a great way to maintain soil richness, which can be carried forward into leaner periods when they are naturally absent from the soil. 

Is DIY deep root fertilization a good option?

Although you may find reasonable success implementing deep-root fertilization on your own, for best results, you should enlist the services of a professional who will bring the right equipment and expertise to the job.

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