A fantastic landscape design can elevate the value and esthetics of any property. However, designing a landscape involves money, time, and creativity. You can also get your landscape redesigned to enhance its appeal. But the question arises: where do you start with landscape designing? Landscaping is an art, and just like every art form, landscaping also begins with understanding the basic principles. Eight basic principles form the foundation of landscape designing.

Read on to know more about the principles of landscape designing


As the name suggests, this principle states all the elements of your landscape, living and non-living, should harmoniously blend together. To bring unity to your landscape, you need to have consistency in your design that you can get with mass planting and repetition.


Balance is all about highlighting the one feature in your landscape without overshadowing the others. You need to ensure a balance of colors, textures, and forms in your landscape. There also must be a pattern and symmetry to your design that makes the entire landscape look surreal. 


Transitions are gradual changes that occur in your landscape with time. And the living elements of your landscape transition in color form and foliage during the season. This principle is all about using these transitions in the best possible way to make your landscape shine.


Colors add a whole new dimension to any landscaping design, and this principle is all about experimenting with the colors. To create your landscape design, you can use contrasting colors or play with different shades of complementing colors. The way to play with your colors is to understand how light falls on your landscape and how it can enhance the natural aura of the place.


Proportion refers to the size of one element concerning the other. For your landscape to have an impressive design, you need to ensure that all the aspects of your landscape have the right proportion.

Focal point

As the name suggests, a focal point refers to the center of attraction in your landscape. Focalization helps you center the whole design around one element that is the most striking in your landscape. It can be a fire pit or a water fountain, or a patio. Whatever it is, choose a point and build your design around it.


Repetition is an essential element in any landscape as it helps you balance out the entire design by repeating a specific color or texture. It also helps provide symmetry and pattern to your landscape. Repetition can be as simple as using the same flower beds in each segment or following a color pattern.


Whether natural or artificial, lines are a critical element of any structure. You can see them in any landscape design as walkways, flowerbeds, hedges, and lawns. Creating lines helps you define your landscape. 

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