Nearly 40% of hurricanes in the United States hit the Florida region, causing extensive damage to life and property. Hurricane winds have a speed of at least 74 mph which can easily uproot even large and old trees. Since hurricanes are a natural phenomenon, we cannot stop them from occurring. All we can do is to prepare in advance to reduce the extent of the damage. Pruning your trees before the hurricane season starts is one way to minimize the extent of damage to your trees, landscape, and property.

Here we share what pruning is and how it can help you protect your trees against hurricanes:

What is pruning?

Pruning is the process of selectively removing tree branches to make them structurally balanced and healthy. Different pruning methods are used depending upon your tree’s requirements. The most common types of pruning include:

  • Reducing density: In this method, arborists remove the branches at the origin to free up space in the canopy so that sunlight can pass through.
  • Size management: This method is used to reduce the width of widespread trees by shortening the branches.
  • Structural improvement involves removing any branches that are making the tree lean to a specific side to improve its balance.
  • Maintaining health: It involves removing any dead or diseased branches that can spread to other healthier parts of the tree. 

What are the benefits of pruning your trees before hurricane season?

Regular pruning is essential for your trees to remain healthy and look beautiful. However, giving them a good pruning before hurricane season provides the following benefits:

Removes dangerous limbs

Sometimes, there may be weak or decaying branches hidden in the foliage, which may fall off easily during strong winds. There are also dead branches that are too brittle and unstable. Pruning your trees before hurricane season can take care of such branches.

Help reveal any hidden problems

Another benefit of pruning your trees is that the arborist can identify any stressed limbs and help you secure them before hurricane hits. The arborists can use wires and elastic cables to stabilize them. They can tie up young trees with weak branches to keep them stable during heavy winds and storms. They can also identify any hidden diseases or fungus that can make your tree sick if left unattended.

Improve tree health

Professional tree pruning before hurricane season not only prepares your trees for storm season but also improves their overall health. Pruning the trees before hurricane season allows them to get stronger and more prepared to face heavy winds and storms. It also gets rid of broken branches and diseases to focus on growth rather than getting healthy.

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