Trimming, also known as pruning, keeps your trees and lawn healthy. Dead and ill branches pose a risk of falling and damaging property and vehicles, and overgrown trees can choke other trees, stunt their growth, and spread diseases.

Therefore, knowing what to prune and when to prune is essential. It keeps your trees alive and healthy. Some trees require a full cut; meanwhile, others only need a quick trim; and the rest can do with some touching up. Here, we give you a low-down on the four significant advantages of pruning.

Boosts tree health

Overgrowth negatively affects trees’ health, weakening them, and making it difficult for them to survive the next season. Trimming your trees involves removing infected branches to create a healthier structure. If you don’t prune your tree when you first notice unhealthy limbs, the disease can quickly spread and even kill it, forcing you to remove the tree altogether. 

Ensures safety

Infested or diseased branches pose a significant risk during harsh weather conditions such as storms, rain, snowfall, and high winds. Weak limbs can fall and damage your property, vehicles, or injure a family member. Therefore, you must hire a local arborist if you notice a pest infestation. They can provide the best possible care for your trees, ensuring their health and growth for years. 

Adds to landscape aesthetics

Overgrown trees and densely packed branches restrict sunlight and rain from reaching the grass and other flowers growing around them. Unkept and shabby trees damage your landscape’s aesthetics and turn your haven into an eyesore. 

Regular trimming allows proper sunlight and water to reach the tree’s roots and nearby plants. It also enhances your landscape by removing unwanted limbs obstructing the view. 

Keeps you healthy and happy

An abundance of green in any home is a sign of prosperity, health, and happiness. A green and well-maintained yard full of trees ensures that you and your family have a regular supply of fresh air, keeping a host of physical and mental ailments at bay.  

It also makes for an ideal spot for family gatherings, weekend brunches, and evening strolls, giving your family much-needed time away from screens and the pressure of daily life.

About Marshall Tree Service and Landscaping

You can easily spot if your trees require trimming. However, this does not make you an expert. Therefore, it’s better to call in experts from Marshall Tree Service and Landscaping for a quick check and complete tree care. 

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