Most homeowners believe that regular watering, fertilization, and mowing are enough to keep their landscape beautiful. Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular myths about landscaping. Apart from this, there are several other myths a lot of homeowners believe about landscape maintenance. Such misconceptions prevent you from providing the care your landscape requires. Debunking them is the only way to correctly maintain the beauty of your landscape.

Here we debunk some of the most common landscape maintenance myths for you.

Shorter grass means less mowing

Though mowing is an exhausting and repetitive landscape maintenance activity, it is essential to maintain your lawn in the best condition. Some homeowners cut the grass too short under a misconception that they will have to mow the yard less frequently. However, doing so only promotes weed growth and makes your lawn drier. Whenever you mow your lawn, ensure you keep the grass up to 3 to 5 inches high.

Spring is the only time you can plant

Spring is suitable for planting new plantations in your landscape. However, it is not true that you cannot grow any plant during any other season. Different plants have different planting seasons, and you need to check the best season for individual plants before starting to plant.

All fallen leaves and grass clippings should be removed

Another common landscape maintenance myth is that you should discard all the grass clippings and fallen leaves from your lawn. However, adding the clippings and leaves can be healthy for your yard as they get mixed into the soil and act as nutrients for your lawn.

Watering the lawn daily is healthy

Another popular myth is that you need to water your lawn daily to keep it lush green and healthy. However, this only makes your yard dull. Instead, try watering your lawn deeply in two to three days. It helps the roots to grow deeper and the soil to aerate quickly. 

Fall isn’t good for hardscaping

Fall is the season when nature turns dormant, and everything goes to sleep. However, that does not mean you should completely stop caring for your lawn. It is the time when you can focus more on the hardscaping aspects of your landscape. Installing hardscaping elements during fall is the best decision, as the ground isn’t frozen, but the temperature is cool enough for everyone to work outside without scorching themselves in the sun.

The best location for shrubs is near the building

In many landscapes, you can often see shrubs growing near the building. So people simply assume that’s the best place for them. However, planting shrubs too close to the building cause pest infestations and other problems for homeowners. Therefore, always keep the shrubs at some distance from the buildings.

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