Maintaining your lawn and landscape is stressful and time-consuming. Most homeowners rely on professional landscapers and tree service providers to keep their landscapes in good shape. Both services are essential to keep your landscape in the best condition. Yet, they don’t know who is best suited to care for their landscape and how these two services are different. 

Read on to know how tree services are different from landscaping services.

What are tree services?

As the name suggests, tree service has more to do with taking care of trees on your property. It involves various aspects of maintenance, including trimming, pruning, tree removal, and planting of trees. Certified arborists having adequate training and knowledge of caring for trees, including the rare ones, provide tree services.  

Primary tree services include: 

  • Tree trimming and pruning: It involves removing dead and diseased branches of your trees and giving them shape for aesthetic purposes. 
  • Tree removal:  Tree removal in Florida is when they remove a living or dead tree from your landscape. 
  • Stump removal: Stump removal involves removing any leftover roots of the tree in the ground and leveling soil so that you plant a new tree in that place. 
  • Tree installation: A tree installation service allows you to shift a grown tree from one place to another. 
  • Lot clearing: You can remove an entire forest of trees in your landscape through lot clearing services. 

What are landscaping services?

Landscaping services are all about making your landscape look aesthetically pleasing. It involves caring for hardscaping and softscaping elements in your landscape, including the lawn. Various landscaping services involve:

  • Landscape designing: It involves designing your landscape to become more functional and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Irrigation: It involves installing irrigation systems in your landscape and maintaining them. ‘
  • Fertilization and mulching: Fertilization is about adding essential nutrients to your lawn to nourish the lawn grass and other plants in your landscape. Mulching adds mulch to your garden at timely intervals to improve its aeration and water holding capacity. 
  • Deweeding: Deweeding is essential to ensure that your lawn is not infested by weeds that take away all the water and nourishment from your plants. 
  • Pest control: Pest control is the removal of pests and bush from your landscape that can harm your trees, plants, and lawn grass. 
  • Sod installation and placement: It involves adding suitable grass to your landscape in the right places to make your landscape lush green and beautiful. Some landscaping services also provide lawn mowing and watering services as well. 

These services are different yet integral for you if you want a beautiful and well-kept landscape. At Marshall’s Landscaping, you get the best of both worlds. 

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