Hurricanes of all mild categories in Fort Myers and Naples can wreak havoc on your landscape. In the aftermath, you may have to deal with the debris on your porch, broken branches, and uprooted trees. You need expert help to care for your damaged and uprooted trees. Hiring professional tree care experts is the best way to go. You should consider certain factors when hiring tree care professionals in Fort Myers

Here’s what you must look for when choosing a post-hurricane tree service in the Fort Myers and Naples region. 

Market reputation

When looking for post-hurricane tree care services, you want someone reliable. However, when hiring a company’s services for the first time, it can be difficult to gauge their reliability. One way to do so is by checking their reviews and testimonials. It takes a company years of good work to build a positive reputation, and you can check how good they are by measuring how happy their previous clients are. 


Every tree care company is different and works with various aspects of tree care. Some tree care companies provide a complete package that includes tree removal and disease care. At the same time, others may only have experience with planting and replanting or pruning and trimming trees. So you need to ensure the tree service you hire has reasonable experience in dealing with hurricane aftermath. 

License and certification

The license and certifications a company has is a testament to its quality. Only companies with well-trained professionals and proper training can get the necessary licenses. So make sure the company you hire has all the essential licenses and certifications to carry out critical tree care services.


Reputable tree care services have the right tools and equipment to provide the best quality services. Before hiring the company, confirm with them whether they have the necessary tools for the job you want them to do. 

Ask for insurance

Certain tree care services are one of the most dangerous jobs out there. There is always a risk of injury and damage to property. If such an incident happens, you may have to pay for the damages if the company does not have insurance coverage. However, if the company has insurance like worker’s compensation, you don’t have to worry about damage claims. 

Emergency services

Hurricanes can hit anytime, and if the damage is too severe, you will need immediate help. In such a situation, you would want a tree care company that is available to help you just a phone call away. Check the company’s website to confirm whether they offer emergency tree care services. 

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