The hurricane season in Florida starts in June, which means it’s right around the corner. The hurricane wind and rain can damage your lawn and landscape if you don’t take preventive measures. Preparing your lawn before the hurricane season arrives can reduce the amount of damage to your property and minimize the cleanup work after storms. It is best to hire professional tree trimming and landscaping services to prepare your lawn for hurricane season. 

Here are some tips to prep your lawn and landscape for hurricane season. 

Prune your branches

When a storm reaches a speed of 74mph or more, you can officially call them hurricane winds. These winds are strong enough to tear down trees and break branches. The best way to protect your trees against them is to prune them before the hurricane season. Pruning involves removing dead and diseased branches and any other branches that imbalance the tree structure. 

Also, you need to prune your trees during the early storm season and not just before the storms.

Turn off your sprinklers

During the hurricane season, your lawn receives an abundance of rainwater. Adding more water to your yard with sprinklers can do more harm than good during hurricane seasons. Excess water can damage the roots of your plants and lawn grass. So, it’s best to turn your sprinklers off. 

Inspect your drainage 

Hurricanes bring heavy rains that can go on for days. The water can clog up your roof and lawn, causing damage to your landscape and house. Cleaning the drainage systems ensures water flows away from your property.

Remove the yard decor

If you have yard decor items such as hanging pots, garden art, toys, swing sets, and trash cans in your yard, remove them from your lawn before the hurricane season starts. Heavy winds can turn them into projectiles that can injure someone and damage your trees and property. 

Prune palm trees carefully

If you have palm trees in your landscape, they need extra attention and pruning before the hurricane season. Do not remove any healthy fronds from the palms. Only remove the brown ones. Remove any palm seeds before the hurricane season. If you have coconuts, remove them from trees.

Mulch beds

The mulch in your lawn and garden gets washed away with stormwater. You need to let the yard dry before adding mulch again. You can use edging material to prevent the mulch from washing away during storms.


If you have items on your lawn that are too big to be stored inside but are in danger of becoming projectiles, ‌secure them to the ground using ropes and other heavy objects. Tying small tree branches together can prevent breakage.

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