Palm trees are an integral part of landscapes in the Florida region. And with the hurricane season approaching, palm trees are as vulnerable to the storm as any other trees. However, palm trees need a little extra attention and care to protect themselves against the hurricane. Standard pruning methods won’t work for palm trees, and you need to focus on their health and protective measures early on to keep the trees and your property safe during the storms.

Here we give you the lowdown on how to plant and prep your palm trees for hurricane season:

Planting palm trees

Preparation for the hurricane season begins from the time when you plant your palm trees on your lawn. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while planting your palm trees:0

  • Plant your palm trees at least 15 feet apart from each other to allow the roots to grow freely.
  • Trees in a group are more resistant to wind storms than individual trees. Therefore, plant your palm trees in a group to strengthen them.
  • Avoid plating your palm trees in a confined soil as it deteriorates their root growth, making them weak and susceptible to being blown off easily.
  • Add adequate fertilizers to the soil to ensure that your palm trees have the required nutrition to stay healthy and strong.

Pruning palm trees

Pruning of palm trees is different from pruning of other trees for two reasons:

  • Palm trees don’t have many leaves or branches. Therefore, they store their essential nutrients in their fronds. Removing excess fronds can make your tree even more weak and susceptible to storms.
  • Palm trees also need to maintain a proper diameter for their trunks to stay stable.

Therefore, we recommend calling professional tree pruning experts to take care of your palm trees before hurricane season.

Tips for pruning your palm trees

  • Do not remove any green portions from your palm tree while pruning. Doing so can attract insects and pests to make a home in your palm tree. Only cut off the brown bits carefully.
  •  Avoid removing any fronds or green leaves as they are the only source of nutrition, and removing them can make your palm tree weak.
  • Remove any coconuts on your palm during the pruning session before the storm season. You must remove all of them as coconuts can be dangerous during storms. They can break away easily and hit properties and people to cause damage and injuries.
  • Call for emergency tree removal services in case your palm tree doesn’t survive the storm. 
  • Finally, add fertilizers again after the storm to help your palm trees recover any damage caused during the storm.

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