Tree trimming is a vital tree care activity to ensure your tree’s growth and health. It involves removing dead and diseased branches from your trees and also controlling the overgrowth. Trimming the lower branches is easy as you can see and access them easily. However, trimming the top branches can be challenging due to poor accessibility and higher reach. You can hire professionals like Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping for the job. But if you want to DIY, we have got you covered. 

Here’s your guide to trimming the top branches of a tree. 

Identify the branches to trim

The first step is to identify which top branches you want to remove. Usually, you should be on the lookout for any broken, dying, or diseased branches. You should also check whether any branch threatens to touch a power line or your home’s roof. 

Find a way to access the branch

Once you have identified the branches you want to trim, the next step is determining the best way to access your branch. If the tree is too tall, you may consider using a ladder, and tree trimming equipment like a telescoping tree saw. 

Trim smaller branches first

Once you have the tools to access the top branches, you can start by trimming the small branches first. It will give you better access to larger branches and also reduce the smaller branches that are offshoots to larger ones. 

Use telescoping shears

To cut small top branches near the base, use telescoping shears. You can do that easily with these sheers for smaller trees. It helps you shape the tree at an early growth stage. 

Locate the collar

To cut the large branches, you must first locate the collar. The collar of the branch is located at the base, with a rough raised surface. Try to cut the branch as close to the collar as possible. 

Create a notch

The next step is to cut a notch at the bottom of the branch about two feet away from the trunk. Try to make the notch one-quarter of the way through the branch. Leave enough space to make the trimming cut if you have smaller branches nearby. 

Create a second notch

Once you have made the first notch make a second notch precisely like the first one a few inches away from it at the top side of the branch. Doing so eliminates the pressure on the top cut, and you can now easily remove the entire branch with one final cut near the base. 

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