Trees have existed for over 370 million years on this earth. They have overcome cyclones, tsunamis, diseases, pests and much more to survive and thrive. One reason for their high survival rate is their healing capabilities. However, not all trees can heal from every wound. When pruning your trees, you are intentionally creating a wound on your tree, and you must be extra careful to take care of these wounds. 

Let’s look at how trees deal with wounds and damage and how you can help speed up the healing process. 

Tree wounds and infection

There are several ways trees can get wounded and infected. Some are natural causes, while others happen because of us. Let’s look at the common reasons for tree wounds. 

Storm damage

Storms are one of the most common reasons for trees damage in the United States. Any airborne objects can hit the tree trunk or branches, creating a wound on them. Branches can also break because of heavy winds. These wounds leave trees vulnerable to pests and infections. 

Pruning wounds

Pruning involves removing tree branches for various reasons — such as dead or diseased branches — reducing overgrowth and encouraging growth in sparse areas and aesthetics. 

The healing process

The healing process for trees differs‌ from other living organisms. Unlike them, trees cannot regenerate or heal damaged tissues and cells. To overcome this disability, trees have devised a clever solution to heal their wounds, known as compartmentalization. Trees seal away the damaged part of the branch or trunk through this process by creating a wall around the wound and growing around it. 

Help your tree heal quickly

Trees can usually heal themselves through compartmentalization‌. However, it can take a long time to heal, and until then, your tree is vulnerable to pests and diseases. You can help your tree to heal and grow around the tree faster by doing some tree care. Here’s what you can do to help your tree heal more quickly. 

  • Prune correctly: When pruning your tree, make sure that you cut the branch above the collar in a proper cut to speed up the healing process. Call for professional tree care services if you don’t know how to prune correctly.
  • Use sealing paint: To help your trees heal quickly, you can apply sealing paint to the wound. However, when applying the paint to a large wound, ensure that you’re giving the tree breathing space; otherwise, it hinders compartmentalization.
  • Provide tree care: A healthy tree heals faster. Hence, provide proper fertilization, water, and mulch to your tree to help it heal quickly. 

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