Curb Appeal

a lawn after we improve curb appealCurb Appeal is the outward experience of your home. The difference between a house with great curb appeal and poor curb appeal can be the difference between a sale or not.

This makes it a high priority item when assessing the value of your home. While most people don’t have a clue how to get started, we have the inside scoop on our signature five ways to improve curb appeal!

5 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Paint – A fresh coat of paint, will work great on the exterior. If you can find a trending set of paint (Read more about the Color of the Year) is an especially great way to improve your curb appeal!

Clean the Windows –A great, inexpensive way of improving house cost is through window cleaning. Grab a squeegee and some glass polish and get to work buffering out those dusty fingerprints!

tree pruningTouch up the Paths – Walkways, cement blocks, ornate stones and more. If they lead the way to the house, they will need some TLC!

Fences – Fences are always an opportunity to improve the exterior of the home! Either through touching up the paint or repairing the slats. If you want to be thorough, redo the whole fence design with some low-cost options!

Flowers and Landscaping – Move those feet to the local gardening store and see what you can do to implement some low-cost flowers or landscaping. Buy some simple potted plants or purchase some wood chips to help aid the base of the trees and plants.


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