The perfect landscape has only plains and straight lines, and it does not exist. Most landscapes need to be leveled to be turned into a plain surface. However, hillside terrains are more disheveled and sloppy than others. If your home is in such terrain, you may find it challenging to add aesthetic appeal to your landscape. However, with some creative ideas, you can turn this challenge into an opportunity to create a unique landscape.

Read on to know some tips and tricks to turn your slopy landscape into a beautiful one.

Build some stairs

For slanting landscapes, one of the most straightforward yet most efficient solutions is to build stairs. You can use concrete or wood to create stairs surrounded by plantations on both sides. It will create a mesmerizing scene. However, if you want more of a natural environment, you can opt for stone settings.

Lay winding paths

Staircases are a brilliant addition to any slanting landscape. However, you cannot have them everywhere, especially on slopes that are not too steep. It is where winding paths come in. Adding winding paths to your slopy landscape can make it easier to walk on, and they act as focal points that attract attention. 

Add a retaining wall

During rains, sloping landscapes always struggle with topsoil erosion. Removing some landscape soil from the downside and adding a retaining wall can help you solve this issue. Adding plantations along the border can significantly reduce erosion levels. Also, the wall looks beautiful.

Add a waterfall  

Water elements like fountains, waterfalls can amp up the curb appeal of any landscape. And hilly landscapes are the best places to add a waterfall feature. It can become a relaxing spot where you can sit and enjoy nature alone or with loved ones.

Plant ornamental grass

Lawns add beauty to any landscape and are trendy options for homeowners who live on plains. However, on hilly terrain, yards are challenging to manage as it is hard to mow. Try adding ornamental grass instead. They grow long and look enchanting when the wind blows through them, creating a cascading effect.

Try terracing 

A terracing garden is another landscaping activity that you can implement on a sloping landscape. To make a terracing garden, you need to add three or more stepped walls on the steep surface. Then you can add plants to your steps. They give you more lateral space and don’t look as structurally invasive as retaining walls. However, they are as effective as retaining walls in preventing soil erosion.

Add a deck

Decks are another landscaping element that you can add to a slanting landscape. You can create a deck using timber if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. Add some lounge chairs and a table to create a gorgeous outdoor sitting area for your family.

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