Landscaping is about designing, executing, and maintaining your garden or lawn in a way that adds to your property’s aesthetic value and becomes its beating heart. It also includes taking care of your house’s architecture and exterior. Therefore, hire a landscaper who understands your needs and can add to your home’s landscape as per your requirements. 

If you live in Coral Springs, Florida, and want to redo your house’s landscape, your search for a professional service provider ends here. At Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping, we provide the best landscaping services in the region. We will talk to you about your needs and expectations and make a plan accordingly. 

Landscaping is a creative process that can be as small as changing in a sprinkler and as extensive as redoing your home’s architecture, completely altering its look and feel. It depends on what you require and what will look best for your property. We will patiently listen to all your needs and make changes that you would want to talk about to your friends and family with great satisfaction. 

What can Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping do for your home?

Lawn maintenance

Nothing makes your home look better than a lush and well-maintained yard. If you want a healthy and green garden, you will need to maintain it regularly. Why waste your time and effort when you can instead hire experts who have been doing it for 15 years? We provide complete lawn maintenance services, including trimming and mulching.


An essential part of lawn maintenance is watering grass regularly. An efficient irrigation system can help you do it, resulting in a blooming yard. If you need a new system or want to get an old one repaired, we have you covered. 

We also provide several other landscape design services such as deep root feeding, fertilization, soil aeration, rock gardens, sod installation, and replacement for residential and commercial spaces. We are also known for providing top-quality tree removal and tree care services.

About Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

We ensure that your money is well spent, and you get the best deal. We respect your requirements and understand that each place and the people living in it are unique. Therefore, we don’t have a single plan of action. Instead, we consider what you want and design a custom plan accordingly. 

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