Trees add beauty and life to any place they grow. Healthy, evergreen, and well-maintained trees have been significant value additions, enhancing the aesthetics of some of the most charmingly designed landscapes worldwide. 

Like every other living thing, trees also succumb to illnesses, diseases and wither away. But most homeowners do not remove dead trees in time. They can cause a lot of problems if left unattended for long. Here, we share five reasons why removing dead trees in time is vital.

Poses a threat of pest infestation

Dead trees are a breeding ground to pests like rats, termites, carpenter ants, and other insects. They set up a home in diseased and decaying trees. Such pests also attract other dangerous animals, like snakes and spiders. Together, they can infest your yard, lawn, and even your house, causing diseases and nuisance. 

A dead tree can fall anytime

Living trees stand firm against extreme weather as their deep roots provide strength. But a dead tree isn’t healthy. Their roots are degraded, so even a light wind can break the branches and cause them to fall over. If such a tree is near your home or in a crowded area, it can harm people and damage your property, resulting in costly emergency repairs or even hospitalization. Therefore, call a professional tree removal company when you spot such a tree. 

Can harm other trees

If your tree died of a disease, it could spread to other trees in the vicinity if not removed in time. If the tree has mold or mildew, it can spread to other plants and trees in your garden, infecting the entire lawn with diseases. So, remove the tree before it can harm other trees and plants in your yard.

Affects the curb appeal

A withering tree downgrades your landscape’s aesthetic value. If you plan to sell your property, you must get it removed as soon as possible. A dead tree in the yard shows you do not care about your garden and negatively affects your prospective buyer’s decisions.

Use the wood

Even a dead tree is useful if not infected with pests, termites, or other diseases. You can use the wood to burn tinder or even make furniture. By salvaging the right parts, you can save money on buying expensive wood for furniture. 

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