Trees enhance the value and beauty of any commercial landscape. However, people rarely have time to care for trees planted on commercial properties. That’s why it is essential to plant trees with low maintenance requirements that provide additional benefits such as privacy, wind-blocking, and shade. Hence, certain tree types are more favorable for commercial landscaping than others. 

Here are three major tree types that are good for any commercial landscape.

Palm trees

Palm trees are quite popular in tropical regions and are good at surviving in hot and humid climates. If your office or commercial property is located in such an area, palm tree species such as date palms can be a great addition to your property. If you have a large space, it’s even better, as palm trees can grow 100 feet tall and 10 feet wide. They don’t need regular watering, so they can thrive even if you don’t pay excessive attention to them. 

Shade trees

If palm trees are not your first choice, the next best option is shade trees. As the name suggests, shade trees grow long and wide to provide ample shade during hot summers. Most shade trees provide great hues to your landscape every season and look stunning on lawns, parks, and even sidewalks. 

To add color to your landscape, pick the ones that flower during spring. 

Shade trees require little maintenance and can act as privacy screens if trimmed and pruned correctly.

Popular shade tree options you can opt for include:

Pistache: These trees can grow tall and wide and look breathtaking in the fall. The best part is that they can survive in almost any weather and are disease resistant. You can plant them near the street or in the parking lots, and rest assured that they’ll thrive with little effort.

Green ash trees: They are a great choice for commercial properties. These trees grow quickly and provide good shade in summer.

Evergreen trees

Another tree type you can consider for your commercial landscape is evergreen trees. These trees remain green throughout the year and provide shade, privacy, and other benefits to your commercial property. Here are some varieties of evergreen trees you should know:

Columnar Colorado spruce trees: These green trees are narrow, dense, and slow growing, making them perfect for filling small spaces in your landscape. They don’t require regular pruning, making them easier to maintain.

Southern live oak: Another evergreen tree that works well in commercial places is the southern live oak. It grows tall and wide, providing shade and privacy, and looks best among all oak trees. 

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