A sound irrigation system is crucial to maintaining a healthy landscape. Without it, your landscape’s softscaping and water elements won’t thrive. However, for your irrigation system to function correctly, it needs regular maintenance and care. It is best to hire professionals for a routine maintenance schedule, but you can also try some DIY methods to keep your irrigation system in sound condition. 

Here are some tips to take care of your home irrigation system

Conduct monthly inspections

The worst thing you can do is install an irrigation system and forget about it. You need to inspect your irrigation system at least once a month to check for damages or other problems. It is also good to give it a routine cleanup and remove any clogging on sprinkler heads and pipes. 

Clean your sprinkler heads

Well-functioning sprinkler heads ensure that water evenly reaches all parts of your lawn. However, the dirt, debris, and sediments in the water can easily clog up your sprinkler heads, leading to uneven watering and occurrences of dead and brown patches on your lawn. Cleaning your sprinkler heads by removing and soaking them in a cleaning solution can ensure this does not happen. 

Take care of leaks immediately

If you come across any leakages in your irrigation during your inspections or at random, do not ignore them. Fix them ASAP as these leaks, big and small, can cause several problems such as irregular watering in your lawn and loss of pressure in the entire system. It is best to call on professionals like Marshall’s Landscaping to repair any damages or leaks in your irrigation system. 

Install a rain sensor

How often does it happen that it rained during the night and your sprinkler is watering a wet lawn in the morning automatically? Such occurrences are a sheer waste of water and saturate your lawn. Installing a rain sensor programmed to water your property based on moisture levels can solve this problem. It also ensures that your yard gets the appropriate amount of water and there is no shortage or excess.  

Take care of weeds and lawn diseases

If your lawn is full of weeds and diseases, it will require more water to grow and remain healthy. Therefore, removing these weeds is crucial and ensuring no pests and diseases are eating away at your lawn to manage water usage. 

Vary watering by plant type

Every grass type and plant in your lawn has different watering requirements. Knowing the water requirement of every plant and accordingly adjusting your sprinklers can ensure a healthier landscape.  To makes things easier, you can create separate watering zones. 

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