Your landscape plays a vital role in enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Creating a suitable landscape is all about creating a combination of color, texture, and functionality. However, maintaining your yard year-round without emptying your pockets isn’t an easy feat, especially if you want to design something unique and trendy with both hardscape and softscape elements.

Here are some creative ideas you can use to enhance the beauty of your yard.

Plant evergreen shrubs

Plants are an integral part of any landscape. However, many plants wither away during fall and winter, leaving your landscape looking dead and empty. Planting evergreen shrubs that retain their color and look throughout the year is one easy solution to keeping your landscape beautiful-looking year-round. 

Create an outdoor sitting area

Building a deck or patio can turn out to be an expensive option for many homeowners. Designing an open outdoor sitting area towards the edge is less costly and offers the same functionality. For added privacy, you can add a few trees surrounding the area and run vines along with the trees. 

Illuminate focal points and walkways

Lighting can drastically transform the entire ambiance of a place, so you must be very careful while adding lighting to your landscape. The best way to enhance the beauty of your landscape is to add lighting at the focal points in your landscape and the walkways. 

Form interconnected walkways

Most landscapes have walkways around the edges and lawns in the middle. The downside of that is, every time you want to go to the other end,  you have to tramp on your beautiful grass. Adding walkways using stones or pebbles can break the monotony of the lawn and give you easy access to all the focal points. Moreover, it adds dimension to a flat-looking space.

Create a naturalistic water feature

Water features like ponds, fountains, and waterfalls can elevate any landscape. However, sometimes they stand out as an additional element rather than blending with the natural landscape. Rather than adding such an element try to incorporate the water feature with the rest of the landscape using natural stones that match the other landscape textures and colors. 

Add a berm to lifeless corners

Homeowners often overlook corners in their landscape, which reduces its overall beauty. You can add life to such corners by creating a berm there. A berm is a mound of rocks covered with small flowering plants. Berms add color and texture to any landscape without costing too much.

Add a large rock

If your landscape lacks a focal point and you want to create one, a straightforward way is to add a large rock. It becomes the center of attention, and you can build your yard around it.

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