Pre-Hurricane Prep

Before hurricane season comes around, it’s best to research tree removal services within your area. If you have several trees on your property that are crowding your home or are dying because of the changing season, it’ll be most beneficial to arrange to prune, trim, and possibly entirely remove nature.

If you have young, newly planted trees, try your best to anchor them to the ground to prevent them from flying away. It’s imperative for residents to understand the proper care that goes into their lawn, especially during the most challenging time of the year, the hurricane season. With the proper pruning and trimming, you’re improving and maintaining the health of your trees, and reducing the amount of damage from storms.

What Happens During the Hurricane

Trimming Trees For Hurricane Season

Although Florida doesn’t have a large variety of tree species throughout the state, palm trees can still be detrimental if not cared for properly. The powerful winds rip up the trees from the root, out of the ground, and carry them along a destructive path. The residents in Panama City, Florida, and various areas up the East Coast had debris invading their communities from the constant uprooting of trees near their homes.

What to Do After

Of course, even though you’ve taken all of the steps to prevent extensive damage to your lawn, it’s bound to happen. Category 4 and five hurricanes have winds over 100 mph along with torrential downpour that causes substantial damage through residential communities. For people that are trapped within their neighborhood because of wreckage, call a professional to take care of your streets, so you can join civilization after the weather has died down.

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping specialize in lot clearing, debris removal, and hurricane season preparation. Our emergency storm clean-up services make us a great asset in the collective action of cleaning the roads. Working in Florida, we have expert knowledge and experience in tree and debris removal, especially after our 6-month hurricane season.

The aftermath of a hurricane can be devastating, but Marshall’s Landscaping is dedicated to assisting the many residents that were affected by Hurricane Michael. If you or someone you know has been affected by the hurricane, please give us a call at (754) 235-1926.