If you are looking for tree care and removal services in Coral Springs, Florida, let Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping be your one-stop destination. We provide the best services in the area for both residential and commercial spaces. Taking care of your trees is an important task; you shouldn’t take it lightly. Rather than doing it yourself, hire us. We’ll do it the way you want it done, giving you optimum results and ensuring your safety all along. 

Tree pruning and trimming

We provide tree trimming and maintenance services. If you can’t spare the time to look after your yard or lawn, you can leave it to us, and we will keep your green space in top shape. We have experienced professionals who can do it with great precision and care. 

Tree removal

Removing trees can be a hassle, especially after storms or rain or other harsh weather conditions such as cyclones, snowfall, and hail storms. It also gets extremely unsafe to do it in such situations. Therefore, you must get expert help to ensure the job’s done right without further damaging the trees or your property. We have been doing this for 15 years and employ experts who have the skill, knowledge, and tools to deal with it. We can safely remove all types of hazardous and non-hazardous trees that are dying or causing any obstruction.

Stump removal

Tree stump attracts ants and termites, which isn’t a welcome sight. We are pros at removing stumps through grinding, cleaning the area to beautify it as per your taste and needs. 

Tree installation

Planting a tree is no mean feat. You need to consider several factors, such as their location and proximity with other trees for their optimum health and growth. Therefore, you must trust only experts to do it. Along with tree relocation and tree installation services, we also clear the lot, remove the debris, and prepare your trees so they stand tall even during hurricane season. 

About Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

You can trust us with the health and maintenance of your trees and landscape. We offer complete tree services such as pruning, tree trimming, removal, installation, and stump grinding. We also provide several other landscape services such as deep root feeding, fertilization, soil aeration, rock gardens, sod installation, and replacement for residential and commercial spaces in Florida. You can reach us at (754) 235-1926 or email us at melchionnoj@yahoo.com to know more about our tree service and landscaping.