A beautiful landscape in an office can completely transform its ambiance and vibe. It allows employees to enjoy the fresh air and stay in touch with nature, which can positively affect their health and productivity. You can also save up on electricity bills, as well-designed eco-conscious landscapes can reduce the building’s air conditioning needs. 

Here are six unique landscaping ideas for your office building:

An inviting entrance

The most eye-catching thing in an office building is its entrance. To make your office entrance more appealing, you can add landscaping elements like colorful flowering plants along the driveway and ornamental trees on either side of the gate. 

Eye-catching signage 

Your signage is what everyone notices even before entering your office building. The right signage can bring attention to your business from potential clients. You can add decorative landscaping elements like flowing vines, spring bulbs, and lush green grass in the vicinity. Just make sure that your landscape does not obscure the signboard.

Mesmerizing water elements

Water elements like fountains and streams can add vitality and life to any space. Placing these in the center of a courtyard or the common area can change the dynamics of a space. It creates a soothing working experience for your employees. Adding a few varieties of fish and river stones can also amplify the effect ten-fold.

Seasonal color rotation

Nature has an abundance of colors that you can imbibe in your office surroundings. Every season has a specific set of colors that work best during the period. Use them in your office surroundings to create a fantastic landscape. You can rotate seasonal flowering plants, evergreen trees, and native fruit trees for the desired effect.

Relaxing common outdoor areas

Outdoor common areas are places for employees to socialize and interact with one another. Social interaction boosts motivation and reduces stress. You can make these interactions even more fulfilling by converting these common areas into a landscaping marvel. Add some picnic chairs and tables, build a patio or use some old tree stumps to create a space where people can sit and relax. On good weather days, they can also choose to work outside.

Large container plants to bring landscaping indoors

When planting trees in your newly-created landscaping, you don’t have to limit yourselves to earthen floors. Large containers are just as practical to plant trees in the pathways, near the signage, and other areas with natural lighting. 

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