A landscape without trees is like people without hope, lifeless and incomplete. That’s why it’s essential to care for your trees. However, tree care and maintenance can become an overwhelming task if you don’t know what you are doing. Tree maintenance combines pruning, trimming, fertilization, mulching, and more. You can do it yourself or hire professional tree care experts.  

Here are some essential tree maintenance services you should know about. 

Tree trimming

Tree trimming is a vital tree maintenance activity wherein the overgrown branches are removed from the trees. Tree trimming helps maintain the aesthetics and balance of the tree. Depending on the tree’s growth rate, experts recommend trimming it every 3-5 years. 

Tree pruning

People often use tree trimming and tree pruning interchangeably. However, there is a difference between these activities. Tree pruning is done to remove dead and diseased tree branches. It is also beneficial for fruit-bearing trees to ensure a high yield. 

Tree fertilization

Usually, trees are self-sufficient and don’t need any additional nutrients. However, trees in your yard don’t get the thriving environment of the woods. So you need to provide the required nutrients through fertilization. 

Fertilizing your trees helps increase their life span by boosting their disease resistance and enhancing their growth. 

Tree cabling

Tree cabling is a maintenance activity specific to trees with weak structural integrity and balance. Not every tree needs cabling. However, if you have oddly shaped trees that cannot handle their weight and may fall over during heavy winds and storms, you need to secure such trees with cabling. Cabling is best left to professionals, as any mistake can turn fatal. 

Tree mulching

Mulching is ‌covering the soil with organic materials to create a suitable environment for tree roots to thrive. Mulching is especially beneficial for small trees, giving them a reprieve from heat and cold to grow and survive. It also prevents weed growth that can damage your entire landscape. 

Soil management

Soil is where your tree gets all its nutrients; hence, healthy and nutrient-rich soil is essential for tree survival and growth. Soil management is all about keeping the composition of soil well-balanced, wherein there is adequate availability of air, water, organic matter, and minerals in the soil for trees.

Tree root management

The root system is vital for your tree’s survival and growth. However, it is difficult to diagnose any problems with the roots, as they’re mostly underground. To identify root problems, tree care experts use root collar excavation in which the dirt and mud are removed from the tree using high-velocity air tools. Then they examine the roots to identify the cause and treat the problem. 

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