As a homeowner, you always look for ways to improve your home aesthetics. Adding trees to your property is a great way to enhance the value and beauty of the property. However, it is also essential to get rid of some trees to maintain your property. Knowing when to remove trees from your landscape is essential to ensure everyone’s safety and also save you some money. 

Read on to know the best time to call for tree removal services for your home. 

The best time for tree removal

The time to call tree removal services depends on the situation. If there is an urgent situation where delaying the removal poses a risk of injury and damage to property, you can call tree removal in South Florida at any time of the day or year.

However, if it is not an emergency, the best time for tree removal is during winters. During winters, most trees are bare, which makes it more efficient to quickly remove them. 

Situations that call for tree removal

Sometimes you cannot wait for the winter to arrive to call for tree removal services. It is because waiting can cause damage to your property and pose a risk of accidents. Some of these situations are:

The tree is sucking moisture from your foundation

If you have trees planted close to your house, you may have a problem with roots sucking up moisture from your foundations. It can severely damage your foundation, creating cracks and shifting of soil. It deteriorates the value of your home and also makes your foundation weak. In such a situation, ‌call for tree removal services as soon as possible. 

You have an old and weak tree

If you have a tree on your property that has lived way beyond its natural years and is getting weaker by the day, ‌get it removed immediately. Such trees can fall off without warning in the lightest of storms, damaging your property and other trees. Removing such trees at the earliest from your property is the best way to prevent any misfortunes. 

You have a failed DIY removal

Sometimes, people try to remove hazardous trees by themselves to save money or to have a fun DIY project. However, it can turn out badly, and you may not finish. Leaving such trees on your properties is dangerous, and you need to call professional tree removal services immediately to prevent further problems. 

Storm damage

Sometimes, even a healthy tree can fall during heavy storms. In such a situation, you must avoid going near the tree and call for professional tree removal services immediately. 

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