Tree pruning is all about removing unwanted branches of a tree structure to make it healthier and more aesthetically pleasing. As a plant parent, you must know that your trees and plants require pruning at regular intervals to remain healthy and grow faster. However, very few people know there are different pruning cuts you can give your trees for various purposes. Knowing more about them can help you take care of your trees better. 

Read on to know more about different types of pruning cuts


It is a type of pruning that does not involve the use of sheers and is only for small shrubs and herbs. It helps remove terminal buds from your plants. It also promotes bushy growth in plants rather than single branch growth. With the pinching technique, you can control and shape the growth of your potted plants. 


Deadheading is a process through which old-growth and seed heads are removed from the plant to facilitate new growth and re-flowering. To deadhead, you must pinch the old growth once the blooms fade. Doing so eliminates dying leaves so the plant can focus on new growth.

Thinning cuts 

Thinning cuts are one of the most basic cuts used to prune trees. Thinning cuts are done at a strong node point of a tree branch, so the new growth happens without shock or interruption. Thinning cuts are not used to promote regrowth but to remove whole shoots and braces that reach the parent branch. It does not change the shape of your tree but promotes air circulation. 

Shaping cuts

As the name suggests, these cuts are used to give shape to your trees and are primarily done on evergreen trees. It involves passing a rough cut to trees at an initial growth stage and then shaping them more precisely as they grow. 

Heading cuts

Another most common type of cut in trees is heading cuts. In heading cuts, you prune a tree shoot not older than two years back to a bud. An older stem is cut through a lateral branch of less than ⅓ of the diameter of the cut stem. Heading cuts are used to slow down the vertical growth of your trees. It is also helpful in encouraging denser growth in trees. 

Reduction cuts

Another type of pruning cut that tree trimming and landscaping services use to shape your trees are reduction cuts. These cuts are specifically used to remove a larger branch from a small diameter. They are also used to reduce a tree’s height significantly. 

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