Trees in your property can increase its value by 15%. They also enhance its curb appeal and provide fresh air. Hence, it’s important to keep your trees healthy and in good condition at all times. Hiring commercial trees service providers is the most efficient and safe way to maintain the trees on your commercial property. 

Read on to know what all is included under commercial tree services

Trimming and pruning

Tree trimming and pruning mean removing the branches of your trees to enhance their looks and maintain their health. Regular trimming and pruning of your trees keep them healthy and promote growth. Many people consider both activities the same; however, each serves a different purpose. 

Tree trimming promotes healthy growth by removing branches and focusing on your trees’ appearance. Pruning goes beyond removing sick branches and also includes the removal of ill or dying roots. Both activities are carried out at different times of the year.

Tree removal and log removal

Trees are living beings, and no matter how much you care for them, some don’t survive. However, leaving dead or diseased on your commercial property invites all sorts of trouble, including the risk of accidents, injuries, and pest infestations. Commercial tree service providers can safely remove dead and dying trees from your property. 

After cutting down the tree, they also remove the logs, so your property looks immaculate once again. 

Stump removal and grinding

Another essential service that commercial tree care providers offer is the removal of the leftover stumps from your property. Leftover stumps ruin the landscape and can also cause injuries and accidents. They also attract pests like rodents and termites. Professional tree care services can remove the stumps entirely and make your lawn and property beautiful again.

Grinding removes the tree roots using machines where the stump was. Eliminating the roots ensures that the soil can plant new trees in that same spot.


Logging services are for those commercial properties that are surrounded by a forest. These services include cutting all these trees, removing them for your property, and selling them as timber. When logging, the tree care experts can cut down the specific trees you want removed from the property. 

Lot clearing

Lot clearing is a tree removal service for trees hindering a construction site. Experts entirely and safely remove trees from such areas and ensure that the ground is level and ready for construction once the trees are removed. 

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