In South Florida, although differential flora life is few and far between, we do have a palm tree on every inch. We see them on our commute to work, in our front yard, and even some planted within houses if that floats your boat. Whatever the case may be, palm trees are invading our yards here in South Florida. Landscaping design doesn’t have to be solely based on keeping your grass green and your trees standing. Design can be catered to each person’s style in mind as well as functionality. Irrigation and fertilization are among the essential components of to take care of landscaping

Irrigation and Fertilization

Of course, with the constant amount of rain that we encounter in the summer months. We can still experience a slight drought from substantial heat during the rest of the year. With Marshall’s Landscaping, you’re not only getting the proper reforming, but you’re also getting beautiful design and execution. Allow us to install an irrigation system that will benefit your garden in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way. With several options for irrigation, we will make our recommendations based on personal preference and necessity for the yard. Your lawn, trees, and garden all need sufficient nutrients to grow and stay healthy. With top-quality fertilizer and proper application techniques, Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping will keep your lawn in pristine condition.


Aside from what’s necessary for your lawns, jazzing it up with some curb appeal will make it stand out and be one-of-a-kind amongst the community. Our landscapers can add flower beds within the design to create specific areas that stand out from the rest. Exotic flowers are in our repertoire along with ornamental plants and flowers. If a subtler embellishment better suits you, a rock garden is a different approach to your landscape design. We have a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors that will complement the property, the surrounding flowers, and plants, and instantly enhance the curb appeal of the garden. With Marshall’s Tree Service, you’re receiving top-notch tree removal and landscaping across the board. We strive to continually be the premier destination for tree care services, landscaping design, and garden structuring in South Florida.

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