More than a week ago, areas throughout Florida, Georgia, Cuba, and more were affected by Hurricane Michael. The after-effect of the storm left many without power, countless injured, and debris scattered. It is vital now, more than ever, for everyone to band together and assist those who were hit by the devastating natural disaster.

Our Hurricane Tree Service

Marshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping knows how crucial it is to get as much debris as possible out of the way to open the roads. Areas that experienced the strongest winds are seeing trees and branches breaking off, flying, and obstructing the roads. Citizens have no way to exit the damaged city to disaster relief locations unless the streets are cleared.

Our team is knowledgeable and expertly experienced in hazardous and non-hazardous tree removal. Non-hazardous removal is most commonly labeled by trees that cause an obstruction, crowding other trees, etc. Hazardous removal involves nature that is near a building or power line.

As houses and buildings are being torn and flown from their foundation, hazards surround the city of Mexico Beach, Florida. Citizens that couldn’t evacuate from their area may be trapped at their specific location without the tools and team to clear the debris from the road. Some of these residential communities have one way in and one way out, and with winds up to 130 mph, trees were scattered across the city.

Emergency hurricane tree servicesMarshall’s Tree Service and Landscaping

Tree removal is a vital service at any time of the year because Florida goes through several tropical storms and hurricanes throughout the year. The high winds and rain take a toll on the nature of our beautiful state and cause flora to obstruct our roads for long periods. Without proper and quick removal, residents could be looking at being trapped for days at a time.

Marshall’s Landscaping strives to help those in need the best way we know how; through an effective hurricane tree service in Davie FL. For more information on how we can help your community after this natural disaster, please give us a call at (754) 235-1926.